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As part of the campaign to equip the Old Cotswold Outhouse only with British kit I have moved out the Elektra Beckum p-t, which I was using as a planer, but have for the moment kept the Delta thicknesser. I'm hoping I cn survive with just a thicknesser, using hand planes to get boards roughly smooth first. It saves so much space only having the thicknesser, and there is an excellent thread on Wood Haven showing how to make tipping storge for a bench thicknesser, to hide it away when not in use. If the top of the cabinet is levelled with the top of my Coronet tablesaw (as one person suggests) I can use it as an extension as well. The thread to look for is Thicknesser storage/stand by 9fingers in October 2010 (apologies I can't get the direct link on my phone!).

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