Workshop Guide 2013, November 2013 (BW39)

This is a special extra issue of British Woodworking we produced for November 2013. Below are some links, comments and extra information relating to the issue.

Plunge saws/Rail systems (BW39:34)
• Buy a DVD from Workshop Essentials of Jigs and Devices including Steve Maskery's offset gauge for repeat cutting with a rail system. Click here.

News (BW39:04)
• Toylander celebrate 25 years making toy cars, and have some cute videos on their website. Click here to go to the films

New Entries
Heart shake and cup shake have been added recently to our Glossary, relating to this issue.  

Cover (BW39:01)
• Free Proxxon 2013. Many apologies, but we got our wires crossed and thought there was a free Proxxon catalogue with the latest issue of British Woodworking. If you would like a free catalogue please call 0333 240 6967 or visit Sorry for the disappointment and confusion. 
• Apologies to SIP for listing some of their machines incorrectly, and for giving the wrong website. For details about SIP machines and power tools visit Below is information on some of their machines.

Planer –Thicknessers
Make/Model   Typical Price  Knives  Bed Length  Max Planing Width  Thickness Depth   Motor Size
01552                    £341               2           740mm             204mm                      210mm              1500w
01550                    £725               2           1050mm           254mm                      160mm              2000w
01575                    £999               3           1085mm           250mm                      195mm              1500w
Table Saws
Make/Model    Typical Price   Blade Diameter    Motor Size
01930                     £160                   254mm              1600w
01541                     £347                   315mm              2200w
01574                     £900                   254mm              1500w
01332                     £1099                 254mm              2200w
01446                     £1599                 305mm              3000w
Make/Model    Typical Price   Plunge       Collet       Motor Size
01478                    £89               50mm    π” 3/8” ∏”    1500w
Crosscut Saws
Make/Model    Typical Price   Blade Diameter   Width of Cut   Height of Cut   Motor Size
01466                   £199                  254mm                305mm              90mm             2000w
01504                   £245                  305mm                340mm             102mm            2000w
Make/Model    Price     Speed     Between Centres   Diameter  Max Bowl Diameter   Bowl Turning  Motor Size
01488                    £149            850-2510          1000mm                 350mm                        350mm                            N                                   375w
01936                    £317            500-3500          432mm                   305mm                         305mm                            N                                  550w
01938                    £447            500-2000          900mm                   300mm                         600mm                            Y                                   550w
01940                    £599            500-2200          1100mm                 350mm                         600mm                            Y                                   750w
Make/Model     Typical Price   Wheel Diameter   Depth of Cut    Motor Size
01444                    £799                   355mm                   235mm          1500w
01445                    £999                   405mm                   254mm          2200w


• Apologies to SIP for publishing an incorrect website. Theirs should be They do not sell direct, but to various stockists around the country. We will also be updating information for some of their products as soon as possible.