June 2014 BW45

Meet Colin Henwood, boatbuilder and winner of the Heritage Crafts Association's Make of the Year Award 2014. He tells us how he got into woodwork, and how he relies on hand tools much of the time.

Elsewhere this issue...
• We test the new Festool TSC55 plunge saw, Trend's Mini Pocket Hole Jig and the new WoodRiver No.51/2 jack plane.
• Graham Ikin makes a bathroom cabinet with secret compartment to hide pills or medicine, or money and valuables for that matter.
• Andrew Pearson tells us how he came to carve a packet of Kettle Chips from a block of lime for an advert.
• Robin Gates looks at the simple wooden rebate plane, and we look at alternative ways of forming rebates.
• Simon Barley shows how to restore a handsaw.
• Andy King explains why he loves lasers on some machines but not all.
• Steve Prescott shows us a simple routing jig that makes sliding dovetails easy.
• David Erlam introduces his clever pivoting spice rack.
• Katy Runacres looks at the history of traditional Swiss matchboxes.
• John Kelsey designs and makes a simple tool carrier that children could build.
• Nick Gibbs gets up to lots of stuff in his shed.
• Bonnie Klein shows how to turn a pen without a kit.